This is a place where the alumni of Regional Engineering College, Calicut intend to re-unite and reminisce over the golden days of their college life. The program brief included various recreational and sports facilities coupled with informal leisure and lounge spaces where the members could go down a nostalgic trip. Our design intention was to bring together all these formal and informal spaces under one big roof, creating ample opportunity for interaction between these areas. All private areas are placed within rooms, while other informal activities like playing Chess, Carrom and Table tennis occur on the terraces above them. As one enters the club he gets a full view of the stepped terraces with various activities tucked in between sprawling lounges and cafes.(Designed for Abdul Hameed Consultants)
Site Area: 3 Acres
Built-up Area: 1,00,000 sqft
Project Status: ONGOING
Principal Designer: Bhavana Hameed
Structural Design: GEO structural
Civil Contractors: GCK Associates
Cost: Rs.1,200/sqft