Combinations of 3 natural stones - Andhra(RED), Kota(GREY), Jaisalmer (Yellow) have been installed in various patterns based on the usage of those spaces. Basic overall pattern reflects the spatial/structural grid of the school, RED lines depicting beam patterns, YELLOW corners for location of openings. The idea is to make the users aware of the spatial configurations on which the architectural design is based. Within the overall grid, distinct patterns are installed in passages for kids to create their own stepping patterns while moving, each passage being unique. Courtyards' flooring is designed as interactive Games and Mazes (shown below). Navigational aids have been installed in the flooring at strategic points.


Gathering spaces are installed with various interactive games, designed specifically based on the age group of the students using those particular courtyards. Some of the games installed include - Mancala, Ludo, Chaupar, Skully, HopScotch. Some strategic gathering areas, used during breaks, have been installed with two dimensional mazes.
(Mazes adapted from ones originally developed by Adrian Fisher)


1. POLYGONS - Developed for secondary school with polygons corresponding to the sign depicted.
2. Colour Theory - Artwork made of segments of lines and circles, each as a distinct translucent colour sticker with each part pasted on either sides of the glass. The mixed resultant colour appears at the intersections.
3. Room Signs - Designed with a small basic graphic representation of the function alongside.
4. Toilet Signs - Derived from Tangram shapes to represent the different characters belonging to each group.
5. Jourdain's paradox written on either sides of the Library door.
Designed in collaboration with Lori Gupta


Various Wall graphics were developed for the Horizon School to make the environment more engaging for the students. Some were developed as interactive learning aids while others to provide some stimuli for young minds. Animal Graphic depicts various animals in real size with a scale against which the kids measure themselves. One of the wall showcases insects found around the campus. Origami patterns prompt kids to create various usable forms from waste paper, while the sign language allows them to communicate non-verbally, especially useful during exams!
Designed in collaboration with Lori Gupta