A single stacking unit is made of two rows of 3 vertical 40x40 square shelves inverted to each other. These units can be placed against one another to form storage partitions. Various geometries are cut-out on the back portion of each shelf such that when overlapped it produces intersections of these pure geometries. The opposite of the same intersection can be seen from the other side. The intention was to develop economical storage systems which could also act as educational aids for the students. These units can be rearranged as required to create various compositions.
(Designed in collaboration with Garima Roy)


1. FLOOR SEAT - Designed for kindergarten kids as informal reading seats with easily accessible book storage system at the back.
2. READING STAND - These are portable storage systems which also act as display or reading stands for kids. The idea is that these can carry relevant books and be rolled into the class from the library when required. They also double up as informal lecterns.
3. LIBRARIAN'S TABLE - Designed to display new arrivals in the front and also pin up display boards on the perforated modesty panel.
(Designed in collaboration with Garima Roy).


Dining table designed as an equilateral triangle to accommodate 6 persons. The shape offers luxurious elbow spaces and also a central area for common items. Persons instead of facing each other directly are at an angle to each other making it more comfortable for conversations. The bottom central triangular support is turned around to create legroom and be used as a foot-rest.


The seat is designed in pairs forming a cylinder which can be slid completely under the table top. The central circle is kept free in this case to accommodate the vertical support member of the pantry table.